Thursday, 6 November 2014


Wow it has been some time since I've visited my own blog!!!!  Oops!  I've been wanting to focus more on my blog for most of 2014 and as it's nearly the end of the year I thought I had better start looking at ways to give this blog a nice refreshing look!  I had my actual website design updated in July this year and tonight I have started to update my blog to match my website.  Still a few things to do but it's nice to finally start this update.

I have also been sewing a bit more then usual and it's been great to start using all the beautiful fabric from my HUGE fabric stash!   Yes, like many of you, I am addicted to fabric!!! 

Last month I was concentrating on our Library Bags.  I have been adding lots of new handmade library bags to our online stores just in time for Christmas. We love our super stylish and funky drawstring bags ♥

These make great Book Bags, Kindy Sheet Bags, Toy Bags, School Bags, Craft Bags, Homework Bags and so much more. Great for School, the Car, to take to Grandma's or even for the back of the Pram.

There is also a space to write your child's name with a permanent fabric pen.

I am adding more each day so keep checking back :-)

Until next time,