Friday, 19 August 2011

Our New Aprons Coming Soon

I hope you have all had a lovely week.  This is a quick message to let you know that I will be making new Aprons to stock in our online store (  I will be busy making these over the next couple weeks  in time for our stall at Laidley Spring Festival (9th and 10th September 2011) and then at Billycart Markets - Sandgate (24th September 2011).

I love these Aprons and I love the big YoYo's on them.   Thanks to the beautiful Kerri for allowing me to use her pattern!!!!

Yes I am addicted to YoYo's so of course I had to have a few on each one!!!!

Each Apron will have 3 Pockets - 1 Extra large Pocket, Another separate Large Pocket at the front and another little pocket for a Wooden Spoon or Pens.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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